Our New Website Design

Well, here it is folks!

Our enhanced website design has been in the works since the start of this new year. What you see now is our brand new platform which will allow us to better interact with everyone.

That said, this is just a little taste of our overall website enhancements outlined for 2019. What I mean to say is, here at Combat Crawlers, we needed a quick fix with regards to advancing our presence here on the web and this is our result.

Over the next eight (8) months, we will be developing a website which will provide us with a heck of a lot more functionality across all digital platforms. I am excited to announce that we expect to launch an extraordinary new website this upcoming Veterans Day.

BIG SHOUT OUT to Dre Armeda! Dre, you are the man, thank you so much for giving me your time as well as all your generous support. Your expertise in all things GoDaddy hosting, SSL, SQL, phpMyAdmin, IP whitelisting, was immeasurable. I could not have finished this project without your help. You rock!

So, everybody please stick around and stay tuned, we are just getting started up in this piece…

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